Does Transplanted Hair At the Back of the Head Grow the Same as a Hair Transplant in the Front?


I have been experiencing thinning hair and hair loss for some time and recently had hair restoration surgery. Will the transplanted hair at the back of the head grow in the same way as in the front?


When you refer to transplanted hair at the "back" of the balding scalp, are you referring to the crown?  Anywhere that hair has been transplanted will grow in a similar way as everywhere else.  Hair in the crown area however, has been known to grow in a bit more slowly, and is a phenomenon that can occur but nobody seems to have an answer to this.

If you are referring to hair that was removed however for transplanting in the sides and back of the head, this hair will not grow back. One hair is removed and then transplanted somewhere else; the hair will not regrow in the area in which it was taken.  If you've undergone hair transplant type follicular unit transplantation (FUT), you will be left with a hopefully thin linear scar approximately from ear to ear whereas with follicular unit extraction (FUE), hair replacement surgery you will be left with small circular scars where the hair was removed.