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Donating Grafts for Hair Transplant Surgery: If Kidneys Work then Why Won't Hair Follicles?

10/11/2012 5:54:06 AM


Person-to-person hair transplants are not supposed to work because of rejection, but why are organs transplanted from one person to another without rejection? Think of all the heart, liver and kidney transplants that have occurred over the years. Surely drugs can be used to diminish the immune system's response to foreign hair? And taking drugs shouldn't pose a problem, especially when many hair loss sufferers take Propecia (finasteride).


As you already pointed out in your question, patients who receive organ transplants must spend their life taking Immunosuppressive (anti-rejection) drugs. These drugs are quite dangerous and their side effects can be very severe. In a life or death situation, the benefits far outweigh the dangers but, the risk would simply be too great for a non-life-threatening condition such as androgenic alopecia (genetic balding).

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