Donor Scar Bleeding 3 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery


I'm 3 months out from hair transplant surgery. For the past few days, a small area of my scar seems a bit irritated and raised a bit. I think it was from brushing my hair too aggressively. Today, I tapped it and all of the sudden it started to bleed and a bit of puss came out. After squeezing all the blood and puss out, the scar flattened a bit. Does anyone know why this might happen? Will this affect how my scar heals?


This is probably normal however; "puss" around the hair translpant scar can be a sign of an infection. Typically around this time after hair transplant surgery, hair may be starting to push through the scar and may become ingrown. The "raised" bumps therefore are simply ingrown hairs trying to work themselves out. In my experience, combing or brushing your hair around the scar can cause the pimple to break open causing bleeding. If you are noticing any major irritation or visible abnormalities, be sure to contact your hair restoration physician.