Dr. Cooley Hair Restoration Patient Shares His Hair Transplant Photos and Experience

This hair transplant patient known as "JW" on our hair restoration forum,  shares his hair loss and hair restoration experience with Dr. Cooley of Charlotte, NC, who is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

I had a 2700 follicular unit graft hair transplant procedure with Dr. Jerry Cooley in Charlotte, North Carolina about 15 months ago. I am posting my before and after hair transplant photos. The after photos were taken at the 13 month mark.

I am completely satisfied with every aspect of my hair restoration experience with Dr. Cooley. I am thrilled with my results. Pat, the Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network has stated several times on this hair replacement forum that he would trust any Coalition Hair Transplant Doctor to perform his hair transplant. However, in my opinion, Dr. Cooley is the best of the best. His skill and artistic ability have given me hair in the frontal section of my balding scalp. My barber is amazed at the fullness of my hair. My hairline is natural and age appropriate. Anyone considering a hair transplant should at least have a consultation with Dr. Cooley. Do not let geography determine who performs your hair transplant.

Let me provide some background information. Three years ago, I was a level 5/6 on the norwood scale of hair loss. Another hair doctor with whom I had a consultation gave me that classification. That doctor recommended that I use Propecia (finasteride) for at least a year before considering a hair transplant. He recommended Propecia for three reasons: (1) to stop any further hair loss; (2) to possibly regrow hair in my crown; and (3) to strengthen my existing hair to prevent shock loss from a hair replacement procedure.

Propecia worked on all three counts. It regrew a good amount of hair in my crown. My barber was amazed at my results from Propecia. Propecia also thickened my existing hair.

However, Propecia did absolutely nothing for my barren and bald front. I regrew no hair in the frontal part of my bald scalp. As my before hair transplant photo makes clear, I had just a few wisps of hair in my frontal section. Without any hair in front, I looked old and bald. Let's face it. The hairline is what frames the face. It is the foremost physical feature that people notice about us.

After being on Propecia for 20 months, I decided to take the plunge and have a hair restoration procedure to restore my hair in front. However, during those 20 months that I was taking Propecia and considering a hair transplant, I educated myself on hair restoration. I read every single post on this hair loss forum. I made extensive notes and put those notes in various subject files such as "Shaving The Recipient Area," "Hair Density," "Lateral vs. Sagittal Slits," "Hair Transplant postoperative care," "Hair Graft Survival Rate," Etc. I made a list of questions to ask the well respected Coalition hair transplant surgeons during my consultations. I had personal consultations with three Coalition hair restoration doctors. I traveled many miles for these consultations. Do not let geography dictate the doctor that you chose. However, I chose Dr. Cooley. It was the best decision that I have made in my life. Not only is Dr. Cooley a skillful hair restoration doctor but he is a genuinely nice guy. He strives to get the best result for each hair transplant patient. He is passionate about his work.

My hair replacement procedure was a breeze. I felt no pain or discomfort. I had the procedure done on a Thursday and I was back at work the following Friday. I was completely healed with no scabs or redness. (Dr. Cooley has some special hair transplant postoperative procedures that speeds up healing.)

The procedure changed my life. I am not bald anymore. I have hair in front. I am more confident. People tell me that I look young for my age. Women who would not even give me the time of day three years ago are now initiating conversations with me. I am not saying that a hair transplant makes your life perfect and causes all of your troubles to disappear. Having hair does not solve all of your problems. I still have bad days at work. I still worry about my financial future. I still get depressed over things. However, I feel that I am now living life. I enjoy life more. Baldness had caused me to be depressed and miserable most