Dr. Devroye Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Hair Restoration Photos and Experience.

This hair transplant patient known as "LondonTraveller" on our hair restoration forum,  shares his hair loss and hair replacement experience with Dr. Devroye of Belguim, who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. You can read this hair restoration patient's hair loss and hair transplant surgical experience below.  He has also been posted his experience and on our hair restoration forum.

Hello everyone,

It seems this time in January is quite a popular one to have a hair transplant.

Just following on the foot steps of hair restoration forum member "VirginScalp" who just had his own hair replacement surgery on the other side of the Atlantic, I just had mine in Brussels yesterday under the expert knife of Dr Jean Devroye. I have just created a hair loss weblog to share my experience and hair transplant photos and will try to contribute as I can. Please bear with me, I have technical issues with the digital camera at the moment.

But first things first, and a big thank you to Pat Hennessy, the Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network for creating this website which is a great resource on hair loss. In this era of marketing, balding men and women need as many informational and objective tools as possible to guide them, beyond the hype, through the shark-infested field of hair restoration. As usual, knowledge is key. And for this you can't rely solely on individual hair transplant surgeon's glossy websites. Research, research!

So here I was at 38 with significant hair loss at the temples (level 3 on the norwood scale) and decided to do something about it.

I am originally from France but have been living in London for the past 10 years. As you could expect, I started to look around where I lived and narrowed my choice to start with to a certain hair transplant clinic in London. Being lured by the fact that the hair restoration surgeons there held a prestigious position in a professional association in the field I went in for a consultation which turned out to be a disaster. A grand total of five minutes of superficial examination and discussion quickly convinced me that I needed to look elsewhere. My internet research on this clinic soon confirmed my initial impression: Avoid!

I then turned my sights to France. After all, this is my home country - home to a world class healthcare system.

Unfortunately my hopes were soon dashed and having researched all the forums you could think of, I couldnt find any trustworthy/recommended hair replacement surgeon: they were either mediocre or plain incompetent or unethical or all of these at the same time! Many of them were overpromoting follicular unit extraction (FUE), others were using outdated techniques like hair transplant minigrafts.

What shall I do? Go to the States? The exchange rates (£/$) could give me a good deal. But wait a second, had I not read that a certain European country, Belgium, was a hotbed of quality hair transplant surgeons? And couldnt a new high speed Eurostar line whizz you from central London to central Brussels in less than 2 hours?

I narrowed my choice down to Dr Devroye's clinic in central Brussels, based on the positive feedback found on the Hair Transplant Network and Hair Loss Learning Center websites (Dr devroye is a member of the elite Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians), and also some francophone ones. Dr Devroye decided in 1999 to dedicate himself to the exclusive practice of hair transplant surgery after training in the United States under other elite hair restoration physicians.

I was undecided as to whether I should go for follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit hair transplantation (FUT), but based on the numbers required and other factors (1500 FU) I decided on FUT. I knew that I would not want to buzz my hair down and that anyway state of the art closure techniques such as the tricophytic closure technique have been developed in recent years giving you a pencil-thin scar easily hidden even under short hair. Two other deciding fact