Dr. Farjo Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Hair Restoration Experience and Photos

This hair transplant patient known as "Annadawn" on our hair restoration forum,  shares her hair loss and hair replacement experience with Dr. Farjo of Manchester, United Kingdom, who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. You can read this hair restoration patient's hair loss and hair transplant surgical experience below.  She has also posted her experience on our hair restoration forum.

My hair transplant was done on the January 18th, and below is my hair replacement surgery day experience. It is now just over 2 weeks since I've had hair restoration surgery and i have had some hair shedding in the last few days. I now have normal feeling back in al areas of my scalp and my stitches have mostly dissolved and the donor scar is barely visible already.

Throughout my consultation and the interim period waiting for the date I had been quite impressed with the Farjo hair transplant clinic's customer service. On the day before and day of surgery this was further enhanced!

I travelled up to Manchester Thursday afternoon and arrived at my hotel (Arora International) around 5pm. This was all booked for me by Farjo. I had a huge double room with all the facilities. The restaurant 'Obsidian' attached to the hotel had superb food and i cannot recommend it highly enough. I had a pleasant relaxing evening but couldnt really go out as i had to be up around 6.30 for surgery at 7.35.

When i got to the hair transplant clinic, the first thing they do is take before photographs of my balding scalp showing my hair loss from all angles. Dr Farjo then re-discussed my specific case and hair restoration goals. When I was ready I was given a sedative before being taken into the surgery room. My hair was washed and i was put into the hair transplant surgery operating chair. In front of you is a large television set on which you can watch DVDs or listen to music while they are performing hair replacement surgery. The most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure is the anesthetic but to me that was no worse than a few injections at the dentist and actually probably less painful. The first bit is done at the back where they have to mark out the donor hair and then basically cut it out! I felt no pain or discomfort at all when they did this, however some of the noises are strange and you can kind of feel the pulling as a kind of mild pressure, which was a very weird sensation. They then stitch up the donor area (and i have to say having seen it afterwards what an excellent job they made of that).

Then they mark the balding areas to transplant hair and show you in the mirror to make sure you are happy before they proceed. A fine microscopic scapel is then used to make thousands of tiny slits in your scalp, ready for the insertion of the follicular unit grafts.

Lunch of a sandwich and cup of tea was provided when I was ready and I also had fruit juice, water and snack bars anytime I wanted while they were working - I just helped myself.

The actual insertion of the follicular unit grafts is what took most of the time - about 8 hours. I didnt feel anything at all until getting towards the end when i felt a sort of pin prick as one hair graft went in. The anesthetic on one side was just starting to ease prematurely but i mentioned it and it was instantly sorted.

Whenever I needed to use the bathroom, I just let them know and they finished transplanting the hairs they were working on before letting me get up and go, which made sense. The bathroom was close by, just next to the hair replacement surgery room.

The estimate for my feminine hairline was about 2500 donor grafts however, when they had harvested the donor hair, my hair was luckily enough to be thick enough to end up with 2800 a good 300 more than average. They said that they would use amd get an even better hair density at the front. This took them over the original estimated surgery time but at no extra cost or anything to me. Unfortunately it meant i was perilously close to missing my train back to london!! We finished at 7pm and Dr Farjo drove me to the train station, which was very nice of him.

I received a whole set of hair transplant postoperative instructions to follow and they gave me pain killers if needed and special shampoos, etc. for the first week.

Today i have barely any discomfort at all, apart from a stiff neck, and some redness (which is already fading), and a fabulous looking female hairline shape!