Dr. Shapiro Patient Shares His Hair Transplant Surgery Day Experience From Hotel Room

Below is a detailed account of a hair transplant patient's experience with Dr. Ron Shapiro of MN, who is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration PhysiciansYou can read this hair transplant patient's experience on our hair restoration forum.

I have just returned to the hotel room after hair transplant surgery with Dr Ron Shapiro.

While I don't want to make judgments on the outcome of the hair restoration surgery, since its about 12 months too early for that, I do want to mention a few things.

First, Dr. Ron Shapiro and his entire hair transplant clinical staff are amazing. Dr Shapiro showed up early (7 AM) to go over everything with me.

The donor hair removal scared me, and through the anesthetic, all I did was shake uncontrollably. I am usually a pretty tough guy, but after seeing hair transplant pictures and videos of donor strip removals, and hearing stories about the awful tearing sound as its pulled out, I was just not able to stop shaking.

Dr Shapiro gave me Valium, and then some more, and then some more, and they kept waiting for me to stop shaking but after a while I think we all just understood that it wasn't going to happen. I have to say that Janna is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met, because she held my hand through the entire thing (and let me cut off circulation to her fingers in the process).

Dr Shapiro told me what was happening every step of the way.  He told me when he was injecting the anesthetic, when he was cutting the donor strip, and when he was removing the strip. Once that was done, we moved on to the rest of the hair transplant procedure.

The entire hair transplant clinical staff was great.  The injections stung a bit, and I guess I was one of the unlucky ones because the injections seemed to wear off REALLY fast on me.  They had to keep going back and re-numbing different areas.

Once everything was done, Janna ran out and got me a special pain killer (because I am allergic to Codine, which, according to Dr. Shapiro, is a cousin of Vicodin, which is what he normally prescribes).  Janna even brought be a blanket too, because I am a Florida guy who didnt bring a coat to Minneapolis where its 8 below wind chill. She let me take it back to my hotel room with me, and told me I could return it to her tomorrow for my hair transplant postoperative hair washing (which, by the way, they opened specially on Saturday for me).

As I was writing this post on the Hair Transplant Network hair restoration forum, Dr Shapiro called my hotel room just to make sure I got back safe and that everything was okay. If anyone ever doubts that Shapiro Medical Group takes care of you, let me attest to the fact that they go above and beyond.

I also want to thank Jason (the B Spot) and Robert (NervousNelly), two members of the Hair Transplant Network hair restoration forum for calling Shapiro Medical Group just to check up on me.  Holy cow guys, that was very thoughtful. I talked to Jason briefly, but I dont think I'll be calling anyone tonight because I am not feeling so hot.

Speaking of that... and now that I have talked up Shapiro Medica to the max, my donor scar is hurting pretty bad. I took some of the pain killer Janna ran out and got me, and Im waiting for it to set in now. Dr Shapiro (when he just called) said that now is th worst that it will hurt because its still fresh. Im hoping the pain killers will take care of some of it so I can sleep (seeing as how I got a whopping 3 hours last night because I was so nervous).

Anyway, I brought my camera so I could document everything, but it broke in my luggage. No worries though, Dr Shapiro took lots of hair transplant photos, so as soon as he gets those to me Ill be posting them.

I'm still pretty nervous, but I'm not as scared as I was.  This is the kind of nervous that lasts 4-6 months while I wait for my hair transplant result. =)

As always encouragement is always appreciated. Due to circumstances, I had to come up here alone, so its gonna be rough until I can get back home to see my family tomorrow.

Hope this post helped. If anyone has any questions, fire away! =)