Eliminating Scalp Discoloration After a Hair Transplant


I want to have a hair transplant but how long do I have to wear a cap? My question is: for how long does the redness on the scalp remain?


Hair transplant postoperative scalp discoloration (typically red or pink in color) can last a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the patient. Fair skinned individuals (especially those who are easily flushed) may experience elongated scalp discoloration, especially when dense packing is administered. Some hair restoration physicians will prescribe something if the patient's scalp remains pink for over a month or so.

Wearing a hat is a choice, but often helps conceal all the awkward stages of the procedure which usually lasts a couple months. This could be anything from shock loss, to extended redness, the dormant period, etc. Topical concealers may help camouflage some of redness in areas of existing hair. It will also present the illusion of more fullness while you're waiting for your hair transplant to grow out.