Failed Hair Transplant or Natural Hair Loss Progression?


I had hair transplant surgery 9 months ago and I have yet to really see any results. I am extremely depressed, especially since I am reading that one can usually see results after only 5 months. However, my situation may be different. I had a full head of hair except for extreme thinning hair in my balding crown. After the surgery, i was very stressed and no matter what I did, I would see four times as much hair loss in the shower than usual. It also easily came out when I combed it. This continued for about 2 weeks and now I feel as though I have about 1/4 less hair than I used to. i was told there may be hair transplant postoperative shock loss, but I was wondering what you think is going on with my case?


Though a hair transplant isn't fully mature until approximately 12 months after surgery; most patient see significant new hair growth by 9 months. Given your description above, I am wondering if your transplanted hair did grow but that your hair loss progressed significantly these last several months.

Remember that a hair restoration procedure does nothing to stop the progression of male pattern baldness. It only surgically removes hair from one part of the scalp and replaces it in balding areas. Nonsurgical hair loss products like Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) can complement a hair transplant by preventing androgenic alopecia from continuing. Without them, loss can and will continue as dictated by your genes. In my opinion, if you are not already on these, you may want to consider them if you want to stop hair loss.