Finding a Skilled and Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon: Where Do You Begin?

Question: Hello! I am trying to find a good hair restoration doctor for my uncle who is set on getting hair transplants. Do you by chance know any good doctors in the Seattle, WA area? I have tried my very best to convince my uncle to see Dr. Steven Gabel or Dr. Victor Hasson or Dr. Jerry Wong but he is very stubborn and refuses to make the trip. So, I am left with not many choices and little available research to help me choose from the more local doctors. After some research on your helpful hair loss forum, I was able to eliminate some doctors that are not highly regarded. Are there any other doctors in the Seattle area worth visiting aside from those mentioned? Answer: You seem very well educated on this topic and, as you already know, we do not currently recommend any other physicians near the Seattle area. I suggest advising your uncle that all hair transplant surgeons are not created equal. Patients get one shot at a first hair transplant and placing your trust in a surgeon that has not been vetted by an ethical and reliable third-party is akin to spinning the wheel of fortune. You simply don’t know what you’re going to get. Keep in mind that even the finest hair transplant surgeons in the world sometimes deliver less than optimal results for unexplained reasons typically beyond their control. However, how a surgeon addresses a patient’s concerns afterward is equally as important as their expertise. Ultimately, you cannot choose your uncle’s doctor for him. But, you can give him the benefit of your research so that he can make the most informed decision possible. You may want to share with him our criteria for recommending hair transplant surgeons and advise him to use our forum to research any doctor prior to making a commitment. David (TakingThePlunge) Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator