First Hair Transplant Didn't Work! How Can I Be Sure a Second Surgery Will?


I had a hair transplant last year but it didn't work. Am I eligible for a second hair transplant? How do I know if it will work?


I admit that I am concerned by your statement "it didn't work".  If the transplanted hair did not grow, then something went wrong during surgery.  Follicular unit hair transplantation has an extremely high success rate in the hands of an elite hair transplant surgeon.  Because physician selection is vital to ensure a successful hair replacement experience, I strongly encourage you to spend sometime researching hair transplant doctors with a proven track record of producing quality results.  A good place to start would the elite physician members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians who have proven to produce consistent superior results using ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation. Tto see our high level of membership criteria for physicians to be elligible for the Coalition, click here.

Be sure to research all physicians you are considering. I also encourage you to speak with real hair transplant patients on our hair restoration forum.