McDonald's French Fries May Be The Cure To Hair Loss

2/18/2019 7:31:27 PM

man eating fries

Today, fast food is a part of life for virtually everyone in the developed world. In fact, fast food chains have exploded in popularity in developing nations as well, raising the obesity epidemic worldwide.

We all know that fast food isn't the healthiest option for us to eat, but what if that processed food with all of its additives and preservatives was able to bring back the thick mane we once had? Well, that's exactly what some researchers are claiming McDonald's french fries may do.

In this article, we will discuss McDonald's french fries and it's potentially positive effects on hair loss.

Study Published in Biomaterials Journal

According to a team of researchers in Japan, one of the chemicals found in McDonald's french fries may be the key to curing baldness. A group of stem cell scientist from Yokohama National University used a chemical called dimethylpolysiloxane to regrow hair on bald mice. Dimethylpolysiloxane is a silicone-based substance that keeps oil from rising and overflowing while cooking french fries.

It seems that researchers have now found success in growing hair at the cellular level by creating hair follicle germs.

According to researchers, the therapy involves regenerating hair follicles. One of the problems that researchers have faced previously was preparing hair follicle germs, the reproductive source of hair follicles. Researchers state the key for the mass production of hair follicle germs was a choice of substrate materials for the hair follicle germ cultures.

Researchers used oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane at the bottom of the culture vessel and it worked very well. Researchers hope this technique may help with hair regeneration for individuals suffering from androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss).

So Just Supersize Fries and Regrow Hair?

Before we all start supersizing our order of fries from McDonald's, it should be noted that the chemical used by stem cell scientists in Japan was oxygen-permeable. What on earth does that mean? Oxygen-permeability is a property of the material itself and has to do with the diffusivity and solubility of the material. Therefore, the substance while finding in McDonald's fries was used specifically to mass produce hair follicle germs in a lab setting.

This does not mean this will occur by eating french fries every day. In fact, the only thing one could expect from eating french fries every day is arterial plaque and heart disease.


While yes, the study sounds promising and stem cell scientist may be on to something in terms of regenerating hair follicles. However, keep in mind that McDonald's french fries are jam-packed with various harmful chemicals including carcinogens, which have been heavily linked with causing cancer.

At this point, the longterm effects that this chemical may have on the human body is unknown. Lastly, the only true and proven method of regrowing hair on a completely bald scalp is through hair transplant surgery.


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