Is FUE a Better Hair Transplant Procedure than FUT?

Question: My hair restoration physician says he offers a special procedure that is different from FUT and FUE. What is the best choice? Answer: Presently, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are the only two surgical hair restoration options. Any other procedures by other names are simply variations of one of these methods. The debate about FUE vs. FUT is quite a hot topic. The truth is that there is no single method that is best in all circumstances. In a nutshell, FUT offers the potential for larger session sizes, is less expensive per graft and generally results in higher yield. FUE is preferred for patients who may wish to cut their hair shorter as it results in no linear scar and can be less invasive. However, it is more labor intensive and requires a high degree of skill. For an excellent comparison of these two methods by experts FUE practitioner, Dr. Alan Feller, I suggest the following article from our Hair Loss Q&A Blog: What are the Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery when Compared to FUT?  You may also find this article informative: Will Follicular Unit Extraction Completely Replace Strip Hair Transplants in the Future? David (TakingThePlunge) Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant for the Hair Restoration Forum and Social Network, the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q&A Blog. Get Proven Hair Loss Treatments at the Best Prices by visiting our new Online Hair Loss Product Store