Getting a Hair Transplant Young to Reverse Hair Loss


I am 22 and have some baldness in the crown area and in the front of the head. I want to have a hair transplant but some hair loss doctors have told me that it may impact my healthy hair. It was recommended that I take finasteride, but I'm afraid to use it. Please tell me if hair transplant surgery is suitable at my age or if I should wait until 25 or 30 like some doctors have said.


I believe cases can be made for young hair loss patients to have hair transplant surgery. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

Young patients with minimal hair loss (such as what appears to be in your case) are simply not candidates. In many cases, young balding men have dreams of restoring their high school hair when signs of baldness were nowhere in sight. This simply isn't possible with hair transplant surgery.

Look at it in terms of hair economics. There is limited supply and often high demand. Maybe you don't have a lot of hair loss now, but the probability is high that you will in the future if you are experiencing hair loss at such an early age. An ethical hair transplant surgeon will not use up your finite donor hair supply in a concentrated area to try to restore full hair thickness when the risk of future hair loss is very real and probable.

If you are not already on Propecia (finasteride) or Rogaine (minoxidil), I'd suggest consulting with a doctor and getting on them right away if you are ok with the possible side effects. These non-surgical hair loss treatment options may just help you save your hair and possibly even stimulate hair regrowth.