Is Hair Coloring Safe 3 Weeks After Hair Transplant Surgery?


I used hair color three weeks after my hair restoration procedure. Was this a mistake? I just learned that it's not recommended. Could it have damaged the transplanted hair? I am worried as my hair is shedding now.


Hair shedding is a standard part of the hair transplant "process" and typically occurs 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. Hair regrowth starts between 3 to 5 months and takes up to a year to mature.

Two weeks after the procedure, the transplanted hair is secure in your scalp and the recipient area pretty well healed, at least visually. Though hair coloring generally isn't great for your hair and can cause damage to the hair (some more than others), the hair roots are firmly set and shouldn't experience damage from hair color treatment. This also applies to your transplanted hair. It's advisable however, to check with your hair restoration doctor to get his/her professional opinion.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor