Hair Loss 10-12 Weeks After Hair Transplant Surgery. Help!


So, 10-12 weeks into my hair transplant procedure, my hair is definitely thinner than before surgery. Is there a risk that what I am losing will not come back. The thinning hair is in the front and toward my crown. I've had 3000 follicular unit grafts implanted and have been using Propecia and Rogaine before and after the procedure. My hair transplant surgeon didn't explain that I could lose more hair during the surgery. Healing has gone smoothly and my physician is highly recommended. The change is not dramatic however, it is noticeable. Is this normal?


Post hair transplant telogen effluvium hair loss often referred to as "shock loss" is quite common anytime hair is transplanted in between and around existing natural hair. The good news is, unless your native hair was on its way out anyway, this shock loss is only temporary. Using Propecia and Rogaine can also help minimize hair "shock".

You are only at the beginning of your hair restoration journey. New hair typically doesn't even start to grow until between 3 to 5 months and then gradually thickens, darkens, and matures up to a year.

At this early stage, all you can do is sit back and wait. Try not to look in the mirror every day, but take monthly hair transplant photos to document your progress. Don't worry; there is a lot more hair growth to come.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher