Hair Loss after Picking Hair Transplant Scabs

Question: I had a hair transplant about three weeks ago. Then I started to pick the blood crust and a lot of the transplanted hair fell off. Is this normal? Answer: By "blood crust" I assume you are referring to the scabs that form shortly after surgery. Your hair transplant surgeon should have provided you with aftercare instructions including how best to remove the scabs. Typically, patients are instructed to carefully massage the scabs off with the fingertips in the shower between five and seven days after hair restoration surgery. It is not advisable to pick them off. However, don't let this sudden hair loss bother you. It is perfectly normal for some of the transplanted hair follicles to dislodge along with the scabs. I'm sure you have not damaged the grafts. David (TakingThePlunge) Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator

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