Hair Transplant from Another Donor to Replace Bad Hair Characteristics?


I don't like the nature of my hair. It's frizzy and doesn't grow long as fast as I would like. Can I transplant hair from another person's scalp onto my own? Or could natural wig hair be transplanted in my head after testing its acceptance?


Unfortunately, transplanting hair from other donor doesn't work. Moreover, transplanting hair is only really feasible in areas of thinning or balding and not a viable option for those who don’t like their own hair characteristics. Even if transplanting from another donor would work, each individual’s donor hair is limited and could never fill an entire scalp. While you can wear a wig without surgical hair restoration, even real hair wigs do not contain live hair follicles that can be transplanted. Sometimes people get artificial hair transplants using real hair but that comes with a list of major long term complications.

In my opinion, forget about hair transplant surgery and talk to a hair salon about ways you may be able to control and manage your hair in a way that's more pleasing to you.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher