Hair Transplant Donor Area "Shocked" Hair Loss Under Both Ears - Is this Temporary or Permanent?


I had a hair transplant recently and a donor strip was taken from ear to ear. The shock loss is much more prevalent just behind each ear (about a quarter size bald spot). Is this normal and will it grow back? The rest of the donor strip in the back is not as bad.


Donor area "shock loss" after a hair transplant is more common then we patients would like to think. The good news is that in most cases, this "shocked" hair loss is only temporary and hair regrows between 3-8 months after surgery. Give it time for your donor wound to heal and your hair transplant to mature before concluding any permanent loss of hair.

Monitor these areas closely to make sure the areas don't become inflamed or infected. If you see signs of any irritation or experience any pain or extensive itching, be sure to speak to your hair restoration physician immediately.

Bill - Associate Publisher