Hair Transplant Hair Growth Timeline - Speeding up the Process


I am a veteran to hair transplant surgery having done a strip procedure of 2200 follicular unit grafts and a follow-up FUE procedure of 900 grafts. I am tremendously satisfied with my results so far however, I am wondering - if I have a final procedure to refine my hairline, is there any regimen, protocol, or way to shorten the 12-18 monthly hair growth timeline from the day of the surgery to hair maturation? In my opinion, the worst part about being a hair transplant patient is not the procedure itself, but the wait. One to two days of pain is relatively innocuous when compared to a year of waiting.


The waiting period from the day of a hair transplant procedure to the day it's fully mature is the hardest part for many patients.

Some hair restoration physicians have conjectured through experimentation that Rogaine (minoxidil) may help jump start early hair growth. To date, no clinical studies or concrete evidence exists proving this claim. Likewise, some patients are under the misconception that MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) may do the same. But though MSM may help hair grow faster and healthier, there is no evidence to suggest it can force transplanted hair out of resting (catagen) early.

Unfortunately, hair transplantation takes time. And though I know it's often difficult waiting for your new head of hair to grow in, most patients feel that the end results are worth the wait.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor