Hair Transplant Patient Experience with Dr. True of New York

11/8/2007 11:35:58 PM

Below is a detailed account of a hair transplant patient's experience with Dr. True of New York, who is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.  You can read this hair transplant patient's experience on our hair restoration forum.  Contact forum member "diamondlight" if you have any questions or would like to know more.

It was the day of my hair transplant procedure with Dr. True. Weeks before the consultation with him made me feel more then comfortable and confident in choosing him to do my hair transplant. He was very calm and laid back and had a knowledgable answer for any hair restoration question I had. He is completely steered away from the fact of your money in the pocket but more the satisfaction, your best interest and what truly is right for you.

Though he seemed a little conservative on the number of follicular unit grafts he felt was adequate, he explained "I wouldnt want to under go this hair restoratoin procedure in any way as then you wouldn't be happy and thats ultimately what were going for". Green Light!

I arrive at the hair transplant clinic, very easy to locate and slow paced. No signs, brochures or fancy advertisements. The person at the front desk was very nice and willing to work with me (as I had a small problem with one of my credit cards). I was immediately called upon by Peter (hair transplant patient advocate) on completion of the paper work I had to fill out.

About 10minutes later, Dr. True walked in to greet me with a smile and led me to opne of their hair transplant surgery rooms.  From then he introduced me to the staff that would be working with me as they were very sweet as well.  I had some final hair restoration questions for him regarding the work on my temple area. Once again he was very calm and open to anything I had to say, he is very easy to talk to! He then came up with what I feel was an even better outline for preperation of the recipient incisions). The temple work was also last minute so it was on the spot and very professionally drawn up.

Dr. True started to numb the area and I felt no pain what so ever. I have a high threshold for pain, but I only felt a little pinch here and there.  That is all I felt!

When the donor strip was taken from the back I also felt very very little pain.

Then came break time for me while the hair transplant technicians cut the hair grafts from the strip. Meanwhile, I had great hospitality at my disposal.

While Dr. True was making the incisions in my recipient area he took his time and accurately made them one by one. He was incredibly precise and took his time.

The hair transplant graft planters then proceeded to take their time by meticulously placing the hair grafts into the recipient sites.  All the while, they spoke in Russian to each other while I sat there thinking about an ex girlfriend who I used to date who was Armenian.  I was very comfortable throughout and no pain was inflicted at all.

When the hair transplant surgery was complete, I regret that we forgot to take immediate postoperative hair transplant pictures.  It worked out fine however, because I took some at home though it was 3 days later.

I am completely surprised because by the second day any little bit of swelling at the temples was already completely gone.  Additionally, I only had about 30% redness left.  Thankfully, there was still No Pain (thanks to vicodin prescribed by the hair transplant clinic and a few beers).  All of the transplanted hairs looked to be in place nice and firmly. I cant believe how little redness I have and pain I felt.

I am 10 days out from my hair transplant and I go in this Monday to get my sutures removed.

I think I covered just about my whole hair transplant experience.  Overall, Dr. True is a GREAT Person and even better hair transplant doctor.  I'll keep everyone updated and I would highly recommend considering Dr. True. If needed in the future (another hair transplant) and everything goes accordingly assuming Ill have excellent hair growth and results. I wouldnt even hesitate to see him for subsequent hair transplant procedures as needed!


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