Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Hair Replacement Photos and Experience with Dr. Siporin

1/8/2008 2:56:02 PM

This hair transplant patient known as "Lucky Loc " on our hair restoration forum,  shares his hair loss and hair restoration experience with Dr. Siporin of Los Angeles, CA, who is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network. You can read this hair transplant patient's hair loss and hair transplant surgical experience on our hair restoration forum.

First off, a huge thank you to all the hair restoration forum members here who have contributed so much information regarding their hair transplant journey. Without that input, i don't think I would've forged ahead with my own hair transplant surgery. A special big thank you to Pat, the Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network and founder of our online hair transplant community, and also for all his visits to various hair transplant clinics and physicians which enables all of us to make educated decisions on hair transplantation and hair transplant physician selection. It was becasue of Pat's visit and subsequent writeup of Dr. Siporin that i discovered Dr. Siporin's practice.

Also, another big, hearty thank you goes out to Bill, the Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, (who posts on our hair restoration forum as "Falceros") who seems to LIVE on these hair loss forums patiently answering questions and providing insight into the complex world of hair replacement surgery.

On Thursday, Dec 20th, 2007 I had a 2300 follicular unit graft procedure done with Dr. Siporin. Ironically, with the hectic schedule i had in December, I didn't have time to fret or worry about the surgery itself. I travelled to Los Angeles a day before the hair transplant to relax, have a preoperative consultation with Dr. Siporin, sign the necessary documents, and pick up any prescriptions and supplies that i might need for my 4 day stay in Los Angeles after surgery. The list that Spex created (the neck-rest pillow, getting scripts filled, etc) on hair transplant care was a blessing. I felt armed and ready when i hit the chair Thursday morning. I would also advise those who are "scratchers" to cut and file their fingernails down. I did this and i think it helped immensely as i wanted to scratch due to the itchiness i was experiencing, but instead resorted to the vigorous massaging with my fingers.

(Side note: I am in awe of some of you who obviously had computer access and wrote up about your procedures the next day! I was physically fine, but could not have imagined writing up about my procedure so soon after it!)

Hopefully the hair transplant pictures (before and immediate postoperative) will give an idea of what my male pattern baldness (MPB) was like and what Dr. Siporin and I were hoping to achieve. Like the pre-surgery visit from the day before, Dr. Siporin drew his lines on my forehead of where he was going to lower my hairline, and his hair transplant technicians, led my Yami and Israel, prepped me with the numbing shots in the donor area. OK, about the numbing shots: for me, it was pretty painless. I equate it with someone poking me with a pin in my head about 16 times- more of an annoying "ouch" than any real pain. I should also mention that because of my rather animated, hyper personality, it was quickly assessed that i be given another Valium to "chill me down". I mention this because after the anesthetic numbing shots, i only vaguely recall what happened next. My next clear thought was that everyone had moved away from me and was working with microscopes to dissect the follicular unit grafts from the strip that was removed from my scalp. It turns out that Dr. Siporin had removed my donor strip AND I DIDN'T FEEL A THING! I was quite shocked by all of this, and as i was gently turned over to face upright for the recipient incisions, I already knew i was in good hands!

Besides lovering my hairline, Dr. Siporin also wanted to fill in the balding center, hence why i agreed to have the recipient area shaved. If I'm using the term correctly here, it seems my ultra fine hair and my male pattern baldness made me a "diffuse hair thinner". I have also in the last few years developed a bald spot in the crown. For me though, the biggest hair hurdle i had was my receding temples. I already have a high forehead. Having those triangular recessions is what most troubled me and affected my confidence level the most. I don't want the hairline of a 22 year old, I just don't want such a wide patch of real estate of bare bald areas dominating my facial features and appearance. Dr. Siporin's goal was multi-fold: lower my hairline, fill in my balding center, fill in most of my bald crown area with the 2300 grafts, and do a little side work on the left and right temple areas.

Again, i only have vague memories of the actual incision cuts. I seem to recall some slightly annoying "scratches" occuring, but nothing resembling what any of us would define as pain. I guess the painkillers and numbing shots did their job also!


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