Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Hair Restoration Experience and Photos with Dr. Rahal


This hair transplant patient known as "Genesis" on our hair restoration forum,  shares his hair loss and hair replacement experience with Dr. Rahal of Ontario, Canada, who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. You can read this hair restoration patient's hair loss and hair transplant surgical experience below.  He has also been posted his experience and on our hair restoration forum

The first comment made about possible hair loss by a friend was in my late teens (I'm now 27). Since then i have gone from Propecia (finasteride) to Avodart ( Dutasteride) which has dramatically stabilized my baldness. I now manage to conceal my hair loss with a fair amount of effort on styling but i am keen to get around this as it is time consuming and never ideal for a windy day!

After speaking to a variety of hair transplant surgeons, I decided to look abroad and through the Hair Transplant Network, I found Dr Rahal fter reading many positive reviews from previous hair replacement patients and administrators such as Bill, who posts on our hair restoration forum.

So after online consultation with Dr Rahal's ever helpful customer relations person, Adrian, I decided to book for some temporal work in late Jan 2008.

I arrived at Dr Rahal's early and first met with the very relaxed and friendly Adrian who had actually had hair transplant surgery with Dr Rahal only 1 year ago. His results were nothing short of outstanding - a great start!

I then met with the hair transplant doctor to speak about my options and what hairline i wanted to achieved.

His team of hair transplant technicians were extremely professional and quite reassuring. They were all female (the fairer sex have always had far more patience then me!) - definetly no cowboys.

Hair restoration surgery started at 9am and finished after 3.

Dr Rahal went out of his way to accommodate me and once again showed his previously commented on good nature by offering to drive me back to my hotel through the 20cm snow storm and kindly took me down town to buy a mains adapter even though it was the opposite direction of his home. He even called me at my hotel room to check all was ok after just a couple of hours since dropping me off.

So now i'm relaxing in the "Albert at Bay" hotel which is a bit pricier than some hotels at $180 (inc tax) but perfect for the situation as all rooms are actually 3 or 4 rooms suites with sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and so no chance of cabin fever as i hibernate until i fly home after 4 nights.

I ended up with 2151 follicular unit grafts. You can view more about my experience and hair transplant photos on my hair loss weblog