Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Surgical Experience and Glowing Review of Dr. Konior

This hair transplant patient known as "Hair Smith " on our hair restoration forum,  shares his hair loss and hair replacement experience with Dr. Raymond Konior of Chicago, IL who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. You can read this patient's surgical experience below.  He has also posted his experience on our hair loss forum.

I am currently recovering from a smooth and pleasant hair transplant procedure with Dr. Raymond Konior. I am 24 and had surgery done about a year ago with another clinic, which unfortunately was a waste of time and money. Although my first procedure there was not a disaster and they were very nice, it is quite clear they do not know what they are doing.

After my first hair transplant, I decided to really dig down and do my research. I owe a lot of my new found knowledge to this Hair Transplant Network discussion forum, and I thank you for that. I live in the Chicago area now and saw that Dr. Konior was close by, having been rated by this community most favorably. After speaking with him and his staff (especially Tom) and researching Dr. Konior's credentials, I realized that there was a whole other world of expertise and professionalism that I was missing out on. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures, as I am on vacation recovering from the procedure, so I don't have photos to post at this time, but I will try to in the future. But I received 1900 grafts all in the front, and I can say my scabbing is a lot more minimal and localized than my first procedure. I would say what impressed me the most about Dr. Konior and his office is that I was their only patient for that day and he and his staff only focused on me the whole time from beginning to end. My first hair restoration procedure, I know I was not the only patient. Dr. Konior truly cares about his patients and provides the best product available in the industry. He also has the knowledge and experience to back it up. Although, it is far to early to see the final outcome of my hair replacement procedure, I can say that based on my experience so far, he is an excellent hair loss doctor. I am really looking forward to the results and once I am able, I will try to post some pictures. Thanks!