Hair Transplant Patient Shares his Surgical Experience with Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, FL

This hair transplant patient known as "retroman" on our hair restoration forum,  shares his hair loss and hair replacement experience with Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, FL who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. You can read this patient's hair transplant surgical experience below.  He has also posted her experience on our hair loss forum .

I am new to this community, but feel it is brotherly to share my experience with those who seek answers and those who may just want a referral.

I am a 37 year old man who was thinning hair in the back and a receding hairline in the front. I have always been a vain guy and looking young is important to me. That said, I checked out many different potential doctors and decided on Dr. Glenn Charles of the Charles Medical Group, based on price and my consultation with him. He sat me down, showed me exactly how my hairline would be restored, explained what the hair transplant procedure would be like, and what I could expect afterwards. I'm not going to say that everything went perfect because it didn't. I am allergic to anesthetic with epinephrine in it, so I had to use a short acting numbing agent. I am not one who likes taking medicine if I don't have to, so I insisted that the doctor only renumb if I couldn't stand the pain of the surgery. Since my head was still somewhat numb I was able to continue with minimal re-administering of the anesthetic.

Hair restoration surgery was done in 3 parts.

  1. Removing the donor hair and stitching it up
  2. The doctor made several tiny incisions on the top of my balding head. (While this is occurring, he had 3 staff women preparing the follicular unit grafts. He keeps this on three large screens so you can see how it's done).
  3. The 3 technicians spend the next few hours placing the hair grafts in the holes the hair loss doctor made.

Dr. Charles put on a movie for me but my interest was more about the process then watching a movie.

When the procedure was over Dr. Charles sat me down in his office and told me exactly how to care for my hair. Graftcyte spray, icing my forehead, shampooing my hair, scrubbing the donor area, etc. It was so detailed, yet it was also written out step by step and and shown to me line by line by Dr. Charles himself. He truly made the process simple and easy!

Before I left his office he made sure that I had his cell phone number and insisted that I call him whether to discuss a problem, ask a question, whatever... He also said if I needed him at 3am then I should not hesitate to call.

The night of the surgery he called me and asked me how I was doing. I had developed a headache, which he said was a possibility prior to the procedure.

It has been a week since my 1712 graft hair transplant procedure and I don't think I have ever experienced such professionalism from a medical facility of any kind. I would recommend the world to him and his work is absolutely fantastic. His office number is (561) 395-5544. I have NO doubt that he has successfully restored my hairline!