Is Hair Transplant Surgery Advisable for 22-Year-Old Male with a Mature Hairline?

Question: My 22-year-old nephew is considering a hair transplant. I feel he might be too young but he is convinced his hairline became mature in his teens and won't change as he gets older. Is he right or does your hairline keep maturing until your mid-20s? Answer: There is a very good reason why hair transplant surgeons advise very young patients to wait until they're older for surgery. At this age there is simply no accurate way to predict just how bald he may become in the future. Androgenic alopecia (genetic balding) is a progressive condition. Reaching the final stage of hair loss on the Norwood Scale can happen quickly or it can take years. Therefore, the older one is, the more predictable the final stage of hair loss will be. The hair restoration physician and patient can then formulate a plan that is appropriate, desirable and will look natural for a lifetime. Even though he's very likely not a candidate at this stage, there is no harm is consulting with an ethical surgeon to discuss medical hair loss treatments and future surgical options. Just be aware that there are unethical surgeons out there that will operate on anyone! If you'd like to find a pre-screened hair transplant surgeon in your area, check out our interactive map. He can also schedule free online consultations> with any of the surgeons we recommend.


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