Hair Transplant Surgery Cost: Follicular Unit Extraction Versus Strip Sugery

Question: How much does a hair transplant surgery cost these days? Answer: The cost of hair transplant surgery can vary widely depending upon the country and even the individual clinic. In the United States, the fee for follicular unit transplantation (FUT or strip surgery) is normally between $4 and $6 per graft. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is more costly and ranges between $6 and $10 per graft. Of course, these are only estimates. You would need to contact specific clinics for their pricing structure. The number of follicular unit grafts a patient needs will depend upon his or her degree of hair loss and hair restoration goals while scalp laxity and hair density in the donor area will affect the number of grafts that can be successfully harvested. If you wish to estimate the cost of your own hair transplant, you may wish to use our interactive graft calculator to help estimate the number of grafts necessary to achieve your goals. David (TakingThePlunge) Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator