In Hair Transplant Surgery, How Many Hairs are in a Graft?


I am considering getting a hair transplant procedure done, but most surgeons refer to grafts. How many hairs are in a graft?


A hair "graft" can contain a number of hairs depending on the type. Today's state of the art hair transplant surgeons use follicular unit grafts (hair groupings as they occur naturally in the scalp) which typically include 1 to 4 hairs. Some first-rate doctors will combine a small number of larger grafts called MUGS (multi unit grafts) or MFUs (multiple follicular units) because they believe it helps aid the illusion of hair density. Some surgeons may also further trim down some follicular unit into sub-units for hairline reconstruction or simply because they believe smaller grafts create a more natural look. This is why we believe in counting both the number of grafts and hairs you receive. Splitting follicular units may have some benefits, but more grafts don't necessarily make for greater density than fewer grafts with the same number of hairs.

As dedicated surgeons in the field evolve their technique, grafts become more refined allowing them to densely pack more hair in a balding area when appropriate for the patient. To learn more about graft sizes and other important topics debated by elite hair transplant surgeons, see the "Highlights of the 2008 Annual ISHRS Conference in Montreal"

Bill - Associate Publisher