Is Hair Transplant Surgery Painful? How Much Does it Cost?


I am considering getting a hair transplant but I need to know if it is painful during and after surgery. Also, how much does hair replacement surgery cost?


Hair transplantation is surely no walk in the park, but because people have different thresholds of pain, it's difficult to answer.  In my personal experience I found that the most painful part of hair restoration surgery is having the anesthetic injected into the scalp.  It is a lot like getting a shot at the dentist or doctors.  Additionally, the first few days after surgery can be a bit painful as the donor hair area wound is fresh and healing.  The donor area will remain tight and sore for some time, but typically feels a lot better by day 10 when the sutures / staples are removed. Hair transplant cost varies on the type of hair transplant surgery, the chosen clinic, and the number of grafts needed to meet your hair restoration goals. See more about hair transplant cost.