Is Hair Transplant Surgery Permanent or Do I Have to Get Hair Implanted on a Regular Interval to Maintain it?


I want to know if once the follicular unit is grafted, is it permanent or does it require continuous regrafting at regular intervals? Can I shampoo my hair regularly once I've had hair restoration surgery?


The nice thing about hair transplant surgery is that the hair is permanent and will grow and look just like your regular hair.  You can wash it, shampoo it, and style it however you like. 

Hair restoration is a surgical procedure where hair is removed from the sides and back of your head (called the donor area safe zone) and implanted into tiny incisions made by a surgeon in the balding areas.  These hairs will grow for a short time, shed two to four weeks later and start to regrow between three to five months.  Hair starts growing slowly and at different rates, but by the time one year has passed, most of the hair will have fully matured leaving you with permanent hair where it was transplanted.

It is highly important to find and work with a quality surgeon to develop a long term hair restoration plan.  Not everyone is a candidate and some patients may require multiple hair replacement procedures.  Those with high levels of baldness will never be able to receive a "full head of hair" because the donor supply is finite.  But in the hands of a skilled physician, in most cases, patients can achieve an illusion of hair fullness that will satisfy them.