Hair Transplant Surgery for Women with Alopecia Universalis?


I am writing to ask you for more information about hair surgery on girls. I'm an 18 year-old girl, and have Alopecia Universalis. Soon, I will have lost all my hair. Does the procedure work on eyebrows as well? They have fallen as well. I look forward to hearing from you.


Alopecia Universalis is a rare and unique condition where a woman (or man) loses all of their scalp and body hair. Since hair transplant surgery works on the basis of taking "safe" hair from other parts of the scalp and/or body, men and women with Alopecia Universalis are not candidates for surgical hair restoration since they have no donor hair for transplanting.

That said, I’ve talked to and seen a number of beautiful women over the years with this condition wear nice and natural looking alopecia wigs and pencil in eyebrows. While it may not be considered an ideal or permanent solution like growing your own hair back, it’s a very real and often appealing option for women with Alopecia Universalis.

I encourage you to be overly cautious of any website or product that promotes total hair regrowth for people with this condition. If any such treatment or cure existed, the whole world would know about it.

While our community can offer you support, you may also want to consider joining female specific communities such as to garner support and suggestions for living with Alopecia Universalis.

I wish you all the best in embracing and treating your hair loss,

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher