Is a Hair Transplant Worth the Money?


The cost for hair transplantation is not cheap; I am not going to lie here. For some of us, the cost of a transplant is a down payment on a house, etc. How do you feel regarding this subject? We are spending a lot for hair, this is why I am torn on what to do. 8-10k is a ton of money! How do you guys feel?


I remember wrestling with this very subject before I started my own hair restoration journey. In my opinion, it's really a matter of how badly you want it. For me, hair loss was pretty devastating. My ego, confidence, and life started to suffer because I fixated so much energy on my hair - or more accurately, my lack thereof. It didn't take me long to realize that I'd be much happier with a relatively full looking and lifelong head of hair than the purchase of a new shiny car that I'd probably get tired of in 6 months to a year. This is the way I justified it to myself. The average American spends approximately $30,000 on a new car once every 5 years. I figured if I could keep my car for 10 years and spend the additional $30,000 (much less for most people) on restoring almost a full head of hair from a class VI on the Norwood scale of hair loss, I'd be pretty happy. Looking back, I still believe I made the right choice. While I'm a car enthusiast and don't tire of them easily, even the fanciest of cars couldn't buy me the confidence I've restored with hair transplantation. I'm not trying to convince you to proceed with surgery. But it's quite possibly a viable solution for those who are good candidates and whose lives are suffering as a result of hair loss.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher