Is Hair Transplantation Expensive?


I don’t know if i want to spend thousands of dollars on my expensive is a hair transplant? How long until perfect hair results?


Surgical hair restoration can be expensive, especially if you end up needing more than one procedure. This is very likely depending on the amount of current baldness and future hair loss to come. Hair transplantation is not a cure, but can often yield significant cosmetically pleasing results in those patients who are qualified candidates. Clinics typically charge approximately $4 to $8 per follicular unit graft (depending on the type of procedure) and session sizes typically range from several hundred grafts (those with minimal hair loss) to several thousand. The result of each procedure takes approximately one year to fully grow in and mature. In my opinion, consult with a prescreened hair transplant doctor who can help educate you about the procedure and what can realistically be accomplished for you.