Is Hair Transplantation Worth the Price?


Ok, so I had a cyber consultation with Mike at Hasson and Wong. They said I need around 3500 follicular unit grafts and told me how much it was gonig to cost. Wow, hair restoration surgery is expensive. I just want some opinions. Is it worth it for me to go all the way to Vancouver and pay all of this money to have this done? I hear these guys are among the best and just want to make sure before I tried to figure out how to pay for it.


Deciding whether or not you should undergo hair replacement surgery is a decision that only you can make. You have to weigh the benefits verses the cost, and you have to be aware of the surgical risks.

Hair transplantation can be great if you select a quality hair restoration physician and have reasonable hair restoration goals. Your age, level of hair loss, amount of available donor hair, and potential risk of future hair loss, will ultimately determine how much hair coverage and hair density you can achieve from hair transplant surgery over the long term.

Hasson and Wong have a long history of doing state of the art hair transplantation. If you do elect to have surgery and select their hair transplant clinic, you will be in great hands.