Hair Transplants and Shedding Due to Propecia


I've been taking Propecia (finasteride) for about 3 months now and I'm in the middle of shedding lots of hair. Is it a good idea to have a hair transplant while experience further hair loss due to shedding or should I wait? Also, when will this shedding stop and will there be a good percentage of regrowth?


Depending on the severity of your shedding, it may be prudent to wait until you’ve passed the shedding phase and your shed hairs have begun to grow back. You may risk transection of viable hairs that have not yet grown in. In addition, If you obtain new hair growth from Propecia, you may not require as many follicular unit grafts. Every patient's experience is different so it’s difficult to say exactly how long your shedding will last or how much hair regrowth you will have but you should be through the shedding phase no later than the sixth month.

David (TakingThePlunge) - Assistant Publisher and Forum Co-Moderator