Hair Transplants for Teenage Hair Loss Sufferers?

Question: I am only 18 years old and I've been suffering from hair loss for the past year and a half. Can I have hair transplant surgery? I've already tried a bunch of medicines but, till now I have not had any good results. Please help me. I am really worried about my hair. Answer: Unfortunately, at 18 years of age, you are likely not a candidate for hair transplant surgery. In very young men in the early stages of balding, it's not possible for a hair restoration surgeon to accurately predict just how far your hair loss will progress. Attempting to restore a juvenile hairline now will almost certainly result in a lack of valuable hair grafts to address future balding and create a very unnatural appearance. I don’t know what medicines you’ve tried but I recommend you visit a dermatologist and discuss both with Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride). These are the only two drugs clinically proven and FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. Even if you don’t regrow hair with these drugs, they may help you retain the hair you have until you are old enough for surgical hair restoration. David (TakingThePlunge) Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator