Help, I Bumped My Head After a Hair Transplant - Did I Damage the Hair Grafts?


I recently had a hair transplant, over 2000 grafts. I'm aware of being careful of not hitting your head, but on the 3rd morning after hair replacement surgery, I woke up and accidentally hit my head against the side of the wall. It only hurt for a few seconds. I quickly checked in the mirror, and there was no sign of bleeding, and the grafts appeared to be in tact. What are the chances that some of the hair grafts will be disrupted? Also, does all the thin crusts grow at the same rate? Some are growing at a much faster rate - so its more prickly, others are still small but visible. Your response would be greatly appreciated.


You are definitely not the first person to bump your head only a few days after hair transplant surgery.  But since you haven't seen any bleeding and all the grafts appear to be in tact, I am quite sure that you didn't damage any of the transplanted hairs. I'm not sure what you mean about the "crusts" growing.  The crusts are just scabs and they will form and eventually disappear with proper hair transplant postoperative care.  The transplanted hairs will shed between 2-4 weeks but before that time, you will notice that some will grow while others may not.  The hairs that are not growing most likely detached from the hair follicle underneath the skin, but no worries, this is normal.  The hair follicle will be firmly in place and eventually push out the detached hair and grow a new healthy hair.  In 3-5 months, you should start to see signs of new hair growth.