How Dense Packing Affects Hair Transplant Growth Yield


What is the typical hair growth yield from a follicular unit hair transplant strip procedure? Does hair growth yield lessen the denser hair is packed together?


The simple answer is that there is typically 95% growth yield with a strip procedure as long as physicians are using state of the art techniques and scalp vascularity isn't compromised. Using a single bladed scalpel to harvest the strip and microscopic dissection practically eliminates any dissection, thus, promoting the maximum number of viable hairs for transplanting.

One issue to consider is how dense packing may affect hair growth yield. As more follicular units are placed per square centimeter, hair growth yield may decrease. How much it decreases depends upon the tools used to create recipient sites, the scalps vascularity, the number of follicular units packed per square centimeter, the number of hairs per graft, and the size of the graft. As to exact percentages and number of grafts, to my knowledge, nobody has this information. To learn more about hair growth survival, see recommended physician Dr. Beehner’s article on “Chubby Verses Skinny Grafts”.

Bill - Associate Publisher