How Do I Know if I Can Trust My Hair Transplant Clinic?

3/24/2012 2:23:05 AM


I phoned a clinic about getting hair transplants and they said I will lose my grafts after surgery then they will grow back in a year. Is this true or is this a bad place to go?


The hair restoration clinic in question has given you the correct information. Once your grafts are transplanted, the existing hair follicles will shed in the first few weeks. Three to four months after surgery, those hairs will start a new growth cycle and begin to fill in. It takes up to one full year to see the final results of a hair transplant.

While they have provided you with correct information, that doesn’t mean they are doing quality work. Hair transplant surgery is not something to jump into lightly. While there are many hair restoration surgeons around the world performing state of the art ultra-refined follicular unit hair transplantation there are many more performing outdated procedures or just plain bad work. You only get one shot at a first hair transplant and you don’t want to end up a repair patient.

I suggest checking out our list of prescreened quality hair restoration physicians to find a skilled and experienced surgeon in your area.

Before moving forward with surgery, I also suggest you spend a great deal of time researching on our hair loss forum. You will find lots of knowledgeable and helpful members, including many of the world’s leading hair restoration surgeons, ready and willing to answer your questions.

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