How Hair Loss Concealers Can Improve a Hair Transplant

There are a variety of "cover up" products that are applied to the scalp to cover up balding and thinning areas. These "cover up" products increase the look of fullness and create an "illusion" of density. In this article, we will discuss how using these products may enhance a hair transplant result.


Toppik is an easy and effective way to create visual density and add volume to pre-existing or transplanted hair. Toppik is a powder application that is magnetically charged to attach to hair follicles; Toppik is keratin-based. Keratin is a fibrous protein that is found in hair follicles. With each "shake" of the Toppik product thousands of these hair binding fibers attach to the hair follicle and create the appearance of a thick, dense head of hair.


Unlike other "sprinkle", "spray", or "lotion" concelaers, DermMatch is a hard-packed powder formula that is applied on a patients scalp to increase the apperance of fullness and density. DermMatch minimizes the appearance of hair loss by matching the patients scalp to hair tone. Additionally, DermMatch is extremely resilient  and can withstand excessive sweating, wind and even full water submersion. This is a perfect product for individuals who live an active lifestyle.

How can these products boost a hair transplant result?

Hair restoration alone can never bring back the full density of the glorious locks that we once sported in our adolescent years. However, with the aid of hair loss concealers like Toppik and DermMatch many patients can have the appearance of someone whose never suffered from hair loss. Hair loss concealers are a safe and effective way of boosting the appearance of fullness and creating visual density. Thus, using these products in conjunction with a hair restoration procedure can provide a patient with the results and look they desire.


Some hair restoration surgeons advise patients to use hair loss concealers to enhance the look of fullness in their hair, but these products can also be used post-operatively to hide immediate surgery. Many patients find that using these products not only allow them to return to their normal routines quicker, but also restores their confidence and self-esteem.