How Lighting Influences the Appearance of Hair Transplants


I was just wondering if hair transplants only provide a thin covering that shows the scalp under certain lighting conditions as I have heard on the hair loss forums, causing even the best transplant to reveal its shortcomings say under fluorescent light?


In addition to placement, hair density, and coverage, lighting can influence how a hair transplant appears. Usually, the more densely packed the result, the less lighting interferes. The angle of the light and how it reflects off the scalp will also make a difference. Only true density hair transplants can usually escape appearing thin under harsh lighting conditions.

Personally, I've found that outside, when the sun is ahead of me and shining down, my hairline appears completely dense with no signs of thinning. This is because the shadow created from the sun hitting my hair from the front reflects on my scalp, making my hair appear thicker than it is. If the sun is shining behind me, the shadow is reflecting away from my scalp making it appear thinner than it is.

Despite these nuances, in normal lighting conditions my hair transplant stands strong and I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair - including from those who don't know I had a hair transplant. Some harsh lighting may make a hair transplant appear thinner, but as long as you've selected a surgeon dedicated to ultra refined techniques, it will still appear natural.

Bill Seemiller - Associate Publisher