How Long After Hair Transplant Surgery Can I Color Dye My Hair?


Hi, I had a hair transplant on the 10th of March and it's still a little pink and itchy. Some of the transplanted grafts are determined to stay, but I know it needs to fall out before signs of hair growth will start. How long do I have to wait before I can dye my hair, being a natural brunette with gray highlights (joke). I usually color my hair 3 times a year, obviously I haven't had it done for over 2 months now and you can really tell - its bad enough that I have a bald patch right at the front now which I try desperately to hide, but grey !!!!


Congratulations on your recent hair restoration surgery. Soon you will have even more hair to highlight a beautiful natural gray color :). The first couple of weeks are critical for postoperative healing and for the grafts to become secure in the scalp. Though I have never colored my hair, everything I have read indicates that waiting 2 weeks before dying your hair is advisable. But double check with your surgeon to be sure.