How Many Grafts in Hair Transplant Surgery Will Give Me Enough Hair Density?


If I get a hair transplant, how many follicular unit grafts / hairs per square CM is considered adequate hair density? 40/60/80?


The answer to this question will vary however, it honestly depends on your hair characteristics, number of hairs per graft, and your hair restoration goals. Typically at 50% of your natural hair density, you will present a good illusion of hair fullness. Since the average natural hair density without any hair loss is approximately 80 follicular units per square cm, 40 follicular units per square cm should give you a significant improvement in the appearance of hair density after hair replacement surgery. In my opinion, the higher density you can achieve in an area (taking into consideration future hair loss, coverage verses density, feathering of the immediate hairline, etc), the better it will look. Keep in mind that not every patient is a candidate for super high hair densities. Whether or not a hair transplant surgeon performs this type of session will depend on the size of the balding areas (immediate and future potential) and available donor hair.