How Many Grafts to I Need for a Hair Transplant?

How many grafts you will need will largely depend on your hair restoration goals. Feel free to use our animated graft calculator to help you determine the number of grafts you may need to help you meet your goals. There are, however, a number of variables that the calculator does not take into consideration. Thus, this animated tool should never take the place of an in-person consultation with a qualified hair restoration physician.

Factors Affecting the Number of Grafts Required for Transplant

There are number factors associated with The number of grafts required for hair transplant surgery.  So many considering this procedure ask, “how many grafts do I need?“ But what they don’t realize is, there is no static number anyone can provide without knowing more about the patients specific circumstances, degree of hair loss, family history of baldness, short and long-term goals for hair restoration, hair characteristics, etc.  let’s look at the factors affecting the number of grafts required in more detail below.

Skin and Hair Color

The color of your skin and scalp plays a very important role. The combination of light color skin with dark hair will result in more hair graft requirements.  This is because the scalp is more visible due to the color contrast ratio.

Area of the scalp

The area of the scalp to be grafted plays a very important role in determining the number of grafts required.  Scalps with more areas of thinning hair and baldness will require more grafts than scalps with less balding.


Ultimately, a patient’s expectations can also determine how many grafts they will need for hair transplant surgery.  If a patient wishes to maximize both coverage and density, they will need more than the patient who isn’t as concerned about covering the balding crown for example.

Hair Thickness

Individuals with more hair density will need more hair grafts per square cm to look like they did before than the ones with less hair density or thinner hair.

Curly Hair

Men and women with curly hair may need fewer grafts than those with straight hair. Curly hair provides and illusion of greater density even at lower craft counts.

Consult With a Qualified Hair Restoration Physician Near You

If you would like to know more about hair restoration treatments then you can search for a “hair restoration doctor near me”.  Here you will find a number of excellent hair transplant surgeons with a proven track record of producing outstanding results right in your area. Our team of specialists will help you make the right decisions. Schedule your appointment now!