How Many Hair Transplants Will I Need and What Is the Cost?

Question: How many hair transplants will I need and how much will it cost? Answer: There are many factors that come into play when planning for hair transplant surgery. The cost and number of surgical sessions required will depend on the individual patient’s hair restoration goals, degree of hair loss, scalp laxity, donor hair density and the type of procedure (FUT or FUE) selected among others. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) also known as a “strip” procedure is currently the gold standard for surgical hair restoration. It is generally the least expensive per graft ($4-$6) and has the highest success rate. Under the right conditions, FUT can deliver sessions exceeding 4,000 follicular unit grafts or “megasessions”.  Some patients undergoing this method may only require a single surgery to meet their goals. Others may need two or more. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is more costly per graft ($6-$10). It also has a lower success rate than FUT and session sizes tend to be under 1500 grafts per day. However, FUE is highly desirable for those who wish to wear tightly cropped hairstyles without fear of a visible scarring. The best way to determine your specific needs and the resulting fees is to contact one or more of our pre-screened, high quality hair restoration physicians and schedule a consultation. You can also use our interactive graft calculator to help you estimate the number of grafts you may require. David (TakingThePlunge) Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator