How Much Hair Transplant Density is Required in the Front to Achieve Thick Looking Hair?


How many follicular unit grafts per square centimeter would be ideal to provide a thick looking frontal region of the scalp? I realize that every patient's circumstances are unique, but I'm speaking in general.


Typically 50% of your natural hair density is required to create an adequate illusion of density with a hair transplant - that is, the appearance of looking full even if your transplanted hair isn't as dense as your natural hair. Depending on your hair characteristics and the number of hairs per graft, typically between 40 to 60 follicular units per square centimeter (FU/cm2) in the frontal third of your scalp will provide adequate density. Keep in mind that unless you're one of the lucky few with minimal hair loss and an abundant donor hair supply, reaching true density is almost impossible. Thus, some harsher lighting conditions may cause the scalp to shine through. Overall however, the goal of surgical hair restoration is to restore enough hair to provide a natural looking and significant cosmetic improvement under normal circumstances. In the hands of a reputable hair transplant surgeon, this is usually achievable.