How Soon After a Hair Transplant Can I Safely Remove Scabs?


Seven days after my hair transplant there were a few scabs left on my forehead, so I tried to extricate them gingerly with a comb. When I removed two of the scabs, a tiny, noticeable drop of blood (which seemed smaller than a pinhead) formed. Now the area where those two scabs were is pinkish in color. Is seven days past surgery enough time to remove these scabs without endangering/losing the hair grafts?


Generally, it is recommended that hair transplant patients begin to gingerly massage scabs off with the fingertips between 7 to 10 days after surgery. At this point, the newly transplanted follicular unit grafts should be anchored in place. It is not advisable to use a comb on the recipient area for the first 10 days.

Two small pinpoints of blood are probably nothing to be concerned about but it is always a good idea to follow up with your hair restoration doctor. It is also normal for the recipient area to turn pink for a period of weeks to months after hair transplantation.