How to Select a Hair Transplant Surgeon

7/22/2018 7:02:00 PM

Selecting a quality hair transplant surgeon is an important life long decision. When done right a hair transplant is undetectable even under close scrutiny by hair stylists and barbers. The most important and key factor is choosing a qualified surgeoni with a track record of producing excellent patient results. In this article, we will go over the factors to consider when selecting a hair restoration surgeon.

Surgical and non-surgical options: Does the physician you're interested in take a balanced approach to hair restoration?  The surgeon should evaluate all options, both surgical and non surgical.

State of the art facilities: The skill, talent and experience of surgeons vary widely as do their results. It is important that the surgeon invest time and resources in the latest technology necessary for perfoming state of the art hair restoration. The surgeon should have a dedicated and experienced staff that are trained to use high-powered magnification tools and have the capability of transplanting at least 2,000 grafts per surgical session.

Hair restoration specialist: The surgeon should have a practice dedicated to hair restoration and hair loss. Consistent results require a surgeon with a full staff that perform hair restoration surgeries on a regular basis. If the surgeon performs a myriad of other cosmetic procedures, than the focus, effort and time necessary to produce state of the art hair restoration may hinder the results. Selecting a surgeon whose sole focus is performing ultra-refined hair restoration is crucial.

Patient focused: It is important to select a physician/clinic that is patient focused as opposed to revenue focused. Some commercial clinics, employ several technicians and doctors with little to no experience in performing state of the art hair restoration. These clinics focus on speed, revenue and volume instead of focusing on the individual patient, these clinics typically rely on marketing and advertisement as opposed to consistent patient results.

Hair loss forums: It is important to select a surgeon with a strong online reputation.  Since the early 2000's, hair restoration forums have become the best way for patients to interact with one another and share their experiences and post their before and after photos. A doctor with a strong online reputation has gained that repuation on their own merit rather than through advertising and marketing.


While several factors must be considered before undergoing hair restoration, the most important factor is surgeon selection. In order to receive undetectable results that will last a lifetime a patient must select a surgeon capable of providing outstanding results. Select a pre-screened hair restoration surgeon in your area and visit a hair loss forum to find unbiased and honest experiences and reviews.


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