I'm not Satisfied with my Hair Density after a 3000 Graft Hair Transplant Procedure


I've had two 1500 graft hair transplant procedures and I'm not satisfied with my hair density. Is it possible to have the same thickness on the front to blend with the rest of my natural hair? Most of the grafts were placed in my hairline and a little behind it. None were placed on top or anywhere else. Thanks.


We're sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your hair density from both hair restoration procedures. How much hair density you can achieve in your hairline or other balding areas really depends on the amount of hair you've lost, available donor hair supply, and the skill and experience of your surgeon.

"Dense packing" (the term we give to describe how much hair can be packed in a targeted area) is typically performed by an elite group of surgeons in patients with minimal hair loss and/or an abundant supply of donor hair. Today, desired coverage and hair density can typically be achieved in one or two hair transplant procedures, especially since surgeons are regularly performing larger densely packed megasessions when appropriate for the patient.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and ask for his/her professional opinion on hair density. Take your time and research dense packing on the Hair Transplant Network and our hair loss forum. You may also want to consult with a few physician members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. This small group of dedicated surgeons regularly perform larger densely packed hair transplant megasessions when appropriate for the patient. To see our standards for the Coalition, click here.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor