The Importance of Hair Transplant Technicians in Delivering Excellent Results


Why don't hair transplant clinics name their assistants who are trimming placing the follicular unit grafts and their experience since they play such a pivotal role in the final results?


Unfortunately, hair transplant technicians are seldom recognized for the hard work they do every day in helping patients restore their hair. Frankly, a quality hair restoration physician is only as good as his/her technicians. However, the surgeon is ultimately responsible for not only their own skill and technique, but the staff they hire and train. If even one technician is out of sync, a patient's hair transplant results will ultimately suffer and inevitably and will rightfully fall back on the physician. A hair restoration physician must be responsible at all times for what goes on under his/her supervision, which includes properly training and managing staff. That's why at the Hair Transplant Network, it's the quality surgeons who are prescreened and approved for recommendation. However, part of our prescreening process involves learning about each of the physician's technicians, their skill, and their experience. Kudos to first-rate hair replacement physicians and their hard working technicians that not only help restore not our hair, but our lives.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher